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Retro watches

Retro trends reappear every few years in movies, TV series and popular music. The 1980s have been very popular recently, and at the moment we are seeing more of the 1990s again. Retro is in, also with watches. From timeless classics such as the digital Casio watch to trendy G-Shock reissues in trendy colors. 

At Orologio.it you will find retro watches in all shapes, colors and sizes. So there's always a retro watch that matches your style!

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What is a retro watch? 

There are two types of retro watches: watches with a retro style or vintage look and watches that are a reissue of classic models from decades past. 

Fossil, for example, is a brand, with many designs inspired by retro styles from the 1950s. And the Frihed line from Danish Design is based on art and design from the seventies and eighties.

Casio retro watch 

Casio's retro watch line is a good example of watches based on classic watches from the eighties and nineties. These watches are still extremely popular with all ages and are still made by Casio. With a retro digital watch from the Casio Vintage collection you are completely up-to-date! 

Other watch brands that regularly give watches from their own past an update are seikoSeikoHamilton and Bulova. For example, the extremely popular Alpinist watch from Seiko.

Retro watch ladies 

Are you looking for a retro style watch for women? At Orologio.it you can shop a retro watch for women in different colors and sizes. Silver, gold and rose gold are timeless. Or go for a striking color that just completes that one outfit. Or opt for a metal mesh strap instead of leather. Completely on trend and easy to size yourself. 


Men's retro watch 

There is also plenty to choose from for men who love the retro style. Are you going for a retro digital watch or do you prefer a classic style? Then a retro diving watch or military field watch is a good choice. Robust, but understated and easy to combine with a casual outfit or a shirt and jacket.

Buy a retro watch online at Orologio.it

Shop retro watches at Orologio.it. All watch orders of products that are in stock at our main warehouse, are shipped within 24 hours.

Contact our customer service department with any questions you may have about shipping or payment. We are happy to help!