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Orologi Seiko Automatico

Seiko wouldn’t be Seiko if they didn’t produce automatic watches. A few years ago they developed their first automatic collection. Constant renewal and implementation of technologies resulted in today’s beautiful Seiko Automatic collection. These watches are automatic winding. The mainspring of the watch is charged by the wearer’s movements. This makes the collection very sustainable. These luxurious, automatic watches are made for a higher segment of the watch market, but at a very reasonable price. The Seiko Automic is available in different styles and the collection even contains a series of advanced diving watches.

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Sustainable and convenient

Seiko automatic watches are not only sustainable, but very convenient. An automatic watch winds up automatically when you wear it, which makes them more sustainable than traditional wristwatches. Seiko offers automatic watches in various shapes, colors, and prices. That way you can go for minimalistic, classic, colorful or a combination of different aspects. Seiko keeps improving its line with new designs or revamped concepts. Browse our collection and you might be the latest owner of a nifty automatic watch.