Cinturini Tipi

Tipi di cinturini

Watch bands can differ in the type of band, the material used and the size. This allows you to easily adapt your watch to your personal preference or to a certain occasion or outfit, by simply replacing your watch band.


Before you choose for example a specific color watch band, it is important to first consider the type of band mount. When you have a watch with a 'straight band mount', you can find the perfect band based on the size between the lugs (where the watch band fits). In case of no straight band mount, we recommend you to pick a watch band from the brand itself. When this is clear to you, you can choose a specific color or a specific material.


Don't panic, all of the above sounds more complicated than it is. In addition, we are happy to help you. Follow the steps in our watch band finder and easily and quickly find your perfect watch band.